Numerical Methods for Stationary PDE's

Credits 8 credit points
Instructors Stevenson, R. (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of functional analysis, numerical analysis, and some programming experience.
Aim To provide theoretical insight in and to develop some practical skills for numerical solution methods for partial differential equations. Particular emphasis lies on the mathematical treatment of the finite element method for stationary PDEs.
Description The following topics will be treated:

    * Classification of PDEs.
    * Some elements of functional analysis and approximation theory.
    * Variational formulation and Ritz Galerkin approximation, in particular for elliptic PDEs.
    * Examples of finite elements.
    * Error estimates.

In addition, a selection of the following topics will receive attention:

    * FEM for saddle point problems.
    * Nonconforming finite elements.
    * Iterative methods for solving the large linear systems resulting from a FEM discretization.
    * Adaptive methods.
    * Nonstationary PDEs.

Organization Lectures & exercise classes.
Examination Home & programming assignment.
Literature To be announced on the homepage of the course.
Remarks Homepage of the course is
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