Symplectic Geometry (GQT)

Credits 8 credit points
Instructors Heckman, G.J. (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

Introduction to symplectic geometry

Description Symplectic geometry is the study of manifolds equipped with a closed nondegenerate two form. It is the modern language for classical mechanics, notably in the Hamilton formalism.
The following subjects will be discussed in the lectures:
- Symplectic linear algebra
- Symplectic manifolds
- Hamilton formalism
- Integrable systems
- Moment map geometry
Examination Written exam
Literature Lecture notes will handed out, and literature will be given during the lectures.
Prerequisites This is a basic course for students in the first year of the master.
We only assume some familiarity with the concept of manifold.

The first meeting for this course is on September 12.

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